Kind words from our supporters.

Just Wow!

Since the early days of the Covid pandemic, I have watched with great interest the rise of The White Feather project. It started off as delivering foodstuffs to care homes as well as PPE but has grown to what it is today with local and national recognition. Unfortunately it does highlight the amount of help that families and vulnerable people need in this area. Because of The White Feather Project, these people can rest a little easier due to the hard and great work that they do. Please help them to help others.

Mike Farrell

Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation

Exactly what we need!

The White Feather project is the epitome of community spirit. Headed by some of our areas most active community leaders and supported by kind-hearted generous people who not only understand the need for community charity based projects but have the drive and energy to follow through and deliver. Always on hand to help those refused by official sources who tend to stick to unreasonable tick box criteria, they are true heroes and I'm proud to have them operate in our area! Keep up the great work!

Lee Garvey


An asset to Middlesbrough!

Middlesbrough’s Awesome White Feather This amazing project is fighting for all of Middlesbrough. No one needs to be hungry and everyone can play a role in helping others. Pls support their work supplying, food, support and love to those in need.

Andy Preston

Middlesbrough Mayor

Working with others

The Teesside family foundation is proud to support the amazing community work of the White feather project, we hope to support you for many years to come. #WeLookAfterOurOwn

Without the Teesside Family Foundation, Tony, Jill and the team, the White Feather Project wouldn’t have been able to achieve some of it’s goals and projects this past year. We love working with them, value their advice and absolutely love the work they do for the community.