Meet The Team!


Manager and Co-Founder

Meet Mark, one of the founders of the White Feather Project, and one of the managers of the team.

Mark has worked since the 13th March 2020, initially helping get hot meals to the elderly and vulnerable, then once 6th June 2020 came, opened our first Community Shop at St Alphonsus Church Hall.

Mark is the guiding spirit to the team, and allows the team to work together so well, his decisions and golden heart has lead the team to deliver over 6000 food parcels to the people of the Tees Valley,


Manager and founding member

Meet Karen, one of the founding members of the team, and manager. She runs our second hub, at the Old TA centre on Longlands Road.

Her passion to help, drives the team forward, and her no nonsense attitude keeps the team in check (even Mark) and the team appreciate it.


Founding member and driver

Lynn joined the team in June when the White Feather Project started the food parcels, and community shops. 

Lynn is our head driver, and her will do attitude, enables hundreds of food parcels to go out every week. She is a driving force to the team, and to the community. 

Lynn will also be in charge of our soon to be Baby Hub located in Middlesbrough town centre. She’s really looking forward to the baby steps it’s going to take to make the baby hub amazing!


Manager of Kings Road Hub

Michelle, one of the newest members of the team, joined in October 2020. With a passion for people, and amazing customer service skills, she’ll be heading up our Kings Road Hub.

With a heart of gold, and a drive to help, she’s inspires the team to keep going, even if she’s a lil bit cheeky sometimes. 

(Also known as Bridget)


Founding member and manager at Church Hall Hub.

Louise joined the team in June  2020 when we first opened the community shop at the church hall.  One of the quieter members of the team, but by no means shy, she’s wonderfully helpful and always ready to go.

Currently managing the St Alphonsus Church Hall hub, and ensuring the food parcels, are correct, she’s one of the ones keeping everything in order while being a friendly member of the team.